First off - carbon fiber dust is nasty and very bad for you. It will get in your skin and itch like crazy and get into your nose and lungs and do bad things.

  1. Get carbon fiber. I found mine on Amazon. Read the reviews. Because it is a trendy material, there is a lot of low grade or aesthetic stuff. In the reviews you will see if people have used it to build something.
  2. Get proper safty gear. I used a respirator, googles, and rubber gloves.
  3. Get good dust collection. I mounted my shop vac hose to my bandsaw.
  4. Keep it wet. I kept my work wet with water when cutting or drilling to keep the dust down.
  5. Have a template. I 3d printed my designs and then used spray adhesive to attach them.
  6. Clean up your edges with some wet sanding.