1. Get a jigsaw
  2. Buy some titanium, make sure to get 6AL-4V (Grade 5). I usualy look on  Amazon, Ebay, and at Sackin Metals is where I look. I have cut up to 2mm thick.
  3. Get a Freud Carbide "thin metal" blade ($10 on Amazon)
  4. Use some coolant & apply it constantly, you may need a helper for this. I used a water and oil mix, but cutting oil or WD40 might work better.
  5. Clamp your work (I uses screws and washers to hold mine to my work bench).
  6. Draw your design or print it out on paper and glue the paper to the Ti (I used spray adhesive).
  7. Wear ear protection, it  will be loud.
  8. Cut and go slow! You want to keep everything cool otherwise the titanium can work harden and that is bad.
  9. Clean up your cuts. I used a bench grinder and a flap wheel.
  10. Feel pretty cool.