The Saint's primary weapon is being unkillable.  It has never been KO'd and it never plans to be. It follows the Duck style of fighting to "break your fist on my face" and cause the other bot to hurt itself.  It's weakness is other wedges.

Version History

Mk 4 - November 2021

In this version I decided to try a 4 wheel drive option using 2 BotKit 16mm motors and a belt drive as well as a 3d printed TPU chassis, Titanium plow, carbon fiber top and bottom panels, and foam wheels with cast poly urethane tires.

Overall, it was a very solid design. However, the most critical aspect of any bot, the drive, was completely anemic. Perhaps it was the batch of motors I got, but they were entirely gutless, coupled with belts that were too lose, it was a disaster.

The Saint went 0-2 at November 2021, Michigan Mashup.

The astute observer will notice that it looks like it is running on a 1s battery. It is not, it is running on 3 of them! The 1s batteries are wired in parallel giving 3s but costing a total of $3* and weighing around 17g. (the 1s batteries are labeled at 300mah, but that is exagerated I'm sure)

*I had found a very good deal on 1s batteries that since dried up.

Mk 3 - September 2021

This was a hiliarouly bad design. The weight distribution was all wrong, it was totally useless.

The Saint went  0-2 at September '21 WRC.​

Mk 2 - June 2021

Basically the same as Mk1 but with more useful plow and a rebuilt chassis.

Amazingly The Saint did quite well and took 2nd over all at June '21, Michigan Mashup

Mk 1 - May 2021

This was my first event. I horribly under speced the drive and had 300rpm n20s on 1" was very very slow.

The Saint went 0-2 at May '21 WRC